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Nature In Your Face .

NIYF is a research project that develops and tests a methodology to stimulate transformative societal change in a co-constructive way with citizens and stakeholders from the civil, public, and private sectors.

Our project builds on a comparative study of four cases within four different domains – MobilityHousingFood, and Plastic (neutrality) – to demonstrate the applicability of our methodological approach.
In each case, the CO2 emission reduction effects are quantified by state-of-the-art Life-Cycle Assessment-based (LCA) environmental scenario analyses. We also assess the upscaling potential.

Photo: Victor Freitas


Objectives .

Our main objective is to stimulate societal engagement through deliberately confronting citizens and stakeholders with unexpected and potentially upsetting appearances of nature, climate effects, or carbon-neutral lifestyle scenarios in an artistic way.


The Team .

Our project is transdisciplinary by combining social science, humanities (art), and environmental science and involves many local and national stakeholders. This provides new, participative models of local governance for the path towards carbon neutrality. 

Our Partners .

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